torek, 16. februar 2010

Chunk 56

Here is also Chunk 56 for revision.

at (foollow MCT Mass Writing Project.)

Thanks to all of you... great work.

Dusan Licer

ponedeljek, 11. maj 2009

Version 1.0

First final version could be accessed at:


Dusan Licer

petek, 27. februar 2009

Draft 4 is here:

Chunk 80: Blend method

I consider it final regarding content, but

language should be corrected,
exaples will be rewriten and commented

Everything else should stay more or less the same.

Dusan Licer

petek, 20. februar 2009

And Draft 3 at following link:

Chunk 80: Blend method

All pictures are added.

But still missing:
Examples, correction of content and correction of language.

Dusan Licer

torek, 17. februar 2009

And DRAFT 2 is here. Sligtly different than 1

Chunk 80: Blend method


sobota, 14. februar 2009

80 Blend method DRAFT 1

OK, The first draft is here:

Chunk 80: Blend method

(Note: not all pictures included, exampes are missing, some incosistences,...)

Comments welcome!

Dusan Licer

ponedeljek, 03. november 2008

First entry

I got the book. It looks interesting but it's really hard to decide which chunk to take.